Collaborative Services for SAP Customers and Partners

Our focus is the provision of SAP services. We are specialized in Technology (BASIS), Business Intelligence and functional consulting and support for SAP Clients. For our 24/7 support we collaborate with SAP Partners from Europe.

We know that many processes in the SAP day to day work requires support. Centrix provides this support for SAP Clients in the evening and nighttime from New Zealand and from Europe, effectively taking advantage of the 10-12 hour time difference.

We deliver our services with highly professional and certified consultants.

Our approach is to partner with organizations seeking to add value to its non-core or support processes by offering SAP expert support during the evening and nighttime hours.

Our team has more than 100 years of SAP experience in the industry solutions Retail, public service, pharmaceutical and automotive industry. This experience enable us to help wherever SAP support is needed.